Flight of the Nighthawks by Raymond E Feist


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Flight of the Nighthawks introduces two new heroes to the ongoing Riftwar Saga – Tad and Zane, the obligatory young men with little skill or prospects who find themselves caught up in the adventures of Pug, Tomas, Nakor and the others. Adopted into the extended father when Caleb, Pug’s son, marries their mother, they soon venture to Kesh with their stepfather to stop the plots of evil Varen.

Tad and Zane’s story feels like a retread of what Feist has done before. It is everything that is going on around that, and the presence of those heroes we have come to love, that makes this latest entry work. It has the usual fast pace, intrigue and excitement, but also continues to progress the overall storyline that Feist has set in motion. Flight of the Nighthawks ends on a small cliffhanger that sets up what is to come next and promises a return to a world we have not seen in depth in a long time – Tsuranni!

If you are a Riftwar fan, Flight of the Nighthawks will be right up your ally, if you’re not, it’s probably a good idea to start with something earlier in the canon.

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