Golden Girl


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Golden Girl picks up in the aftermath of Dust Girl, the first book in the American Fairy Trilogy. Once again, we find ourselves in the company of Callie and Jack, this time in the glamour and glitz of Depression-era Hollywood. Callie is determined to find and free her parents, who are being held by the fae, but the fae themselves have very different plans for her and her family.

As I read Golden Girl, I found myself immersed once again in a fantastically realised alternate, though at times two dimensional, world, which incorporates a lot of historical people and events into it. Sarah Zettel does almost as good a job in describing the world of the home of movies as she did in describing the Dust Bowl, giving her book a keen historical edge without taking away from the story. Callie and Jack’s adventures continue to be thrilling, full of twists and turns and unforgettable characters. Throw in some chilling scenes when the fae become involved, and once again Ms. Zettel has created an enthralling tale, which suffers slightly from comparison to the first book and a certain lack of depth in the world surrounding it.

If you enjoyed the first, you will enjoy this one and probably be looking forward to the finale just as much as I am!

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