Why The Library Rat?

Well, I’ve been kicking around ideas for a blog title for a while now but most of the best ones seemed to be taken. I wanted a title that best described me and what I feel is the selling point of the blog, but all of the blog titles to do with bookworms, bookie monsters, etc. were already taken. However, hailing from the Gallic shores of France (though born in the UK), I began to look into the French translation of bookworm. Said translation being: Rat de bibliothèque, or Library Rat.

Who is The Library Rat?

A life-long SFF fan, occasional writer and voracious reader in every possible genre. I’m an addict of anything geeky whether it be books, films, tv shows, computers, comics, technology, history, etc. I read a lot, averaging around 200 books a year. Beyond that, I’m just someone who wants to share my love for all of that more generally.

Authors, publishers, and PR requesting reviews and interviews can reach me at: jarbrown1984@yahoo.co.uk


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